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       Starlight Missionary Baptist Church  


  - Jesus first, Others Second, Self-Last; but saving souls is a full time business!!!



His Grace and Peace I give you from the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit:


First giving all praises unto God for all that he has done for us and through us; as I thank God for my Starlight family for last year’s tremendous achievements and success.  It was a  year  of  adjustment, as we both have sought to find innovative ways in assisting our church into the 21st century. It has been hard and sometimes difficult at times, but we are constantly reminded, by the Spirit, that I must do God’s will and what is best for his people.


I'am truly thankful as well as grateful, for my administrative staff: Brother Willie Banks Jr. Chairman of Deacon’s Ministry, and to Brother Dale Johnson, Chairman of Trustee’s Ministry; for thier efforts, and giving of there  time, God bless you both. 


At our annual church meeting; we put forth a plan, a five year plan to secure the future of the Starlight Baptist Church Ministry. As you all know we’re starting to break ground on the New Parking Lot facility in the Spring of 2015. We have challenged our members to setting aside one “Dollar A Day” to do this work; we are asking all old and new members to assistance in this tasks, for we know that with God’s help it will be done. 


If there is anyone that would like to help us in this  endeavor feel free to leave your information on this Website, or contact the Church at: 1-216-541-6825 0r 6828, our Website address is There are envelopes for this special gift. Please just call the Office. 



As I look back over the years from 8915 Superior Ave. to 997 Lakeview Road, to this present location of 14516 Euclid Ave. East Cleveland, Ohio; in the heart of East Cleveland.  God has been very good to all of us! Now my brothers and sisters it is our time for the Second and Third Generations of Starlight,  to stand up and press forward, the foundation has already been lay for us; I am calling on all of those who have served and are still serving, and to those who have visited this place of worship to aid us in securing our future by planting a Seed in this Ministry. Let us galvanize our efforts to make this dream come true.




In the Name of Jesus, Be Blessed:

Rev. Anthony L. Small, Sr.  Pastor





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