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It is recorded by staff & members that by mid - 1956, the Council was opened with prayer by Rev. B.G. Gilbert; then it was motioned and seconded that Rev. D. Black would serve as the moderator, It was also motioned and seconded that Rev. J.D. Smith should act as secretary to the council and that Rev. C. Lee  give the church covenant.


Rev. Gilbert was asked to state the purpose of the meeting, after which Rev. Black took the stand, and called for three letters of various members from former churches. ( The custom is three letters.) The moderator asked the secretary of Council to read the letters received, which were voted on and accepted. The moderator would not receive any members until the church was named. The council had conceided that this church was to be a guiding star, leading humanity to "Him" who is the giver of every good and perfect gift. It was motioned by Rev. Murray and seconded by Rev. Bivins that the church be named the "STARLIGHT BAPTIST CHURCH."  Names of persons holding letters were: Brother Herman Turner, Sister Lillie Poole, Brother & Sister Randolph Thurston. It was motioned and seconded that the names above be qualified to vote.


The moderator stated that the people holding letters be declared a church, and the invitation was extended to the following: Brother Robert Cleveland,   Sister Mary Thurston,   Brother Andrew Locke,   Brother Forest Joseph,   Sister Annie M. McGhee,   Sister Elizabeth Gooshie,  Sister Annie Foreman,   Sister Cynthia M. Daniels,   Brother Joseph Daniels  and  Brother Alfred Sharp. These members were received by votes, that they become full members of Starlight Baptist Church after fellowship  Rev. Black read the Church Covenant.


The church elected Rev. Edward Small as pastor of Starlight Baptist Church.  Rev. Gilbert then gave Pastor Small and the church a list of important instructions  and presented  the  pastor to  the church.  Sister Annie Foreman was Starlight's  first clerk. Brother Randolph Thurston was the first chairman of the deacon board.  And after Starlight was blessed by God with 120 church members they moved from their first home at 8919 Superior Avenue to 997 Lakeview Road,  where they would fellowship until  Sunday April 4, 1971. Then the church moved to the home in which they reside now, 14516 Euclid Avenue,East Cleveland Ohio.                                                  

History Of Starlight M.B.C.

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