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Vacation Bible School

July 17 - 20
6:00pm -7:30pm


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 A Traveling Man On A Great Mission!


  Dr. Edward Small, Senior Pastor of Starlight Missionary Baptist was born of humble beginnings to Winnie Bell Abrams in Greensboro County, Alabama, on September 9, 1926. Converted at age of nine at Springfields Baptist Church under Rev. P.W. Wooders. At the age of 14, Edward Small had to work the fields in his home town and attend Hail County Public Schools. Then at 16, he had to leave School and work fulltime in order to help support his family.

  At the age of 17, he moved to Birmingham and found work at U.S. Steel. Now finally settled, he began courtship with Sister Thereasa Turner and after their marriage on February 25, 1945 they moved to Detroit Michigan. They lived in Michigan until after the second world war had ended. Edward and his family moved back to Alabama and resided in Bessemer where he worked as a coal miner until 1950. That same year he became a member of Old Saint Paul Baptist Church, where he later taught Sunday School and trained to be a Deacon. Edward Small sang with several gospel groups and left a lasting impression in the churches of Bessemer Alabama.

  In 1951 Edward moved to Detroit once again and joined the Russell Street Baptist Church teaching Sunday School and serving on the Deacon Board. Then Joined Community Baptist Church where he did the same, and became president of the Gospel Chior. He also sang with the Wiley Gospel Singers.

  In 1952 Deacon Edward Small moved his family to Cleveland where he became the Deacon at Calvary Baptist Church, and finally in 1952 he accepted the calling to the Ministry then he enrolled in Cleveland Public Schools and later attended Baptist Bible College. Edward Small's diverse educational background involved attending Ashland College and Case Western Reserve University.

  In 1956 under a collective counsel Starlight Baptist Church was founded and by the grace of God, Minister Edward Small was appointed to take leadership and become the Pastor of Starlight Baptist Church.  On the second Sunday of January 1956 the doors were open and the first service was held at 8919 Superior Avenue.

  To this day, by the Lords divine will, Starlight remains an indelible shining beacon of light in the education of God's writtenword. It will continue it's mission of dedication to bringing Gods children to salvation.

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