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It is important for us as christians to know that we live in a time of
immense uncertainty. The world is treacherous and Satin takes delight
in our impulsive actions caused by the onset of fear or insult to our
integrity as descent human beings.
The struggles we face in our lives today were predicted in the scriptures 
of the bible and it shows us just how close we are to the final days of this 
wicked way of the world we live in. The key to enduring these troubling
times is knowing just how vulnerable we all are to detrimental error.
We must maintain a calm collective mannor during this challenge so that
we can have our next day to handle what ever the matter is in common
court proceedings.
So, here is our Pastor, former officer, Detective Anthony L. Small's
intelligent and safe rule of thumb. We must have law enforcement in place
for the safty of our community. When we are pulled aside or approached
by an officer of the law, take care to keep everything visable to the police.
Place your hands on the steering wheel and listen to the officer.
This is not a contest. You don't have to speek, following instrutions and
signing a ticket is not an admission of guilt. 
Be first to handle this encounter with respect, so that you can have your
day of justice, and we will be glad to see you at the Star next Sunday. 
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